Bad Breath / Halitosis

Bad Breath / Halitosis

Sep 19, 2019

If you have never dealt with halitosis, consider yourself lucky. It affects about 25 percent of patients and can have several causes. At Genn C. DelaRoca DDS in Hemet, CA, we provide complete dental care that can alleviate symptoms of bad breath and halitosis by pinpointing the cause of bad breath. Your dental health should not be ignored, especially when symptoms like bad breath are present.

The Causes of Bad Breath

One of the most common reasons patients suffer from bad breath is due to their oral hygiene. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene to keep tooth decay and other conditions from developing. Another reason for bad breath can be due to the breakdown of bacteria in the mouth. Other causes include:

  • Smoking Tobacco: Products that contain tobacco can change the odor of the mouth. They also increase the likelihood of gum disease, which is another cause of bad breath.
  • Diets: Low-carb diets as well as fasting can cause halitosis. When fats break down they produce ketones that have a strong aroma, sometimes leading to foul breath.
  • Food: Food particles can get stuck in teeth and produce odors in the mouth. Foods can produce foul smells, like onions or garlic, and cause breath to smell unpleasant. When the break down, it can affect breath, causing halitosis.
  • Medical Conditions: Bacteria can cover stones that have formed in the back of the throat on tonsils. These produce an odor that can make breath smell bad. Infections as well as inflammation that is in the nose, sinuses, or the throat can be the cause of halitosis.
  • Drugs: Medications can reduce the saliva in the mouth and increase the occurrence of odors. They can also release chemicals when they break down. Drugs used in chemotherapy as well as some used to treat angina are prone to cause bad breath. Tranquilizers also do this as well.

You can try home remedies for your breath, but these may not work as effectively as visiting Glenn C. delaRoca DDS in Hemet, CA. We have the tools to make sure your breath smells fresh and you can go through life without being insecure about halitosis.

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