CAD/CAM Dentistry in Hemet, CA

Traditionally, dental restorations require several trips to the dentist’s office. The drawn-out process of obtaining dental crowns, dentures, and others, is often frustrating to many patients, especially those constrained for time. If you’re not particularly thrilled about the idea of seeing your general dentist near you multiple times before getting your crown, bridge or onlay, we have some good news for you: CAD/CAM dentistry.

What is CAD/CAM Dentistry?

CAD is an abbreviation of computer-aided design while CAM is computer-aided manufacturing in short. CAD/CAM dentistry refers to the use of software to simplify the complex process of making dental restorations. Dentists are opting to embrace this technology to make the process of getting dental prosthetics more efficient for their patients.

At Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS, we have a CAD/CAM dentist in Hemet who utilizes this technology to make it possible for you to go home with a dental restoration in a single appointment.

CAD/CAM Treatment At Our Dental Clinic

If you’re looking to book a CAD/CAM dental appointment in Hemet, CA, then you should familiarize yourself with the steps involved:

Our dentist will first prepare your teeth properly before taking the necessary images. Preparation, in this case, entails thoroughly cleaning the tooth and removing any plaque and bacteria that may exist on the enamel surface. For this first step, the dentist may use local anesthesia to make the experience less uncomfortable or painful for you.

The next step is known as intraoral scanning, and this involves taking pictures of your mouth and the affected tooth. Our dentist will use these pictures to inform the design of the restoration. CAD dental software allows us to consider several takes of the dental restoration before settling on the final design. Feel free to share your input on the different options with our dentists.

Once the dentist chooses a final design, he sends it to the milling stage, which involves the production of the dental prosthetic. Once the dental restoration is ready, our dentist will polish them to ensure a perfect fit and then fix this on your required tooth. The dental restorations that can be made using CAD/CAM technology include inlays & onlays, dental crowns, veneers, bridges, and a variety of abutments.

Do you want to get your crowns or veneers without making several trips to your local dental office? The state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology at Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS in Hemet, CA, makes this possible. Give us a call today, and let us spare you the agony of multiple dental appointments. You can also contact us for general dentistry, Hemet, CA. We also welcome patients from East Hemet, San Jacinto, Egan, Ramona Bowl, and Lake Crest Estates.

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