Endodontics in Hemet, CA

You only see a small portion of your tooth – the protective coating. However, inside of your tooth are blood vessels and nerves. Anytime that you have an infection or injury that affects the inner portion of a tooth, you may notice you have severe pain that disrupts your ability to eat using that tooth and may even interfere with your daily routine.

Our endodontist in Hemet, CA, at Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS, specializes in endodontics and can treat your issues. Often, the main treatment our dentist near you uses is a root canal.

Determining When You Need a Root Canal

You should visit our office if you have any signs that you may need endodontics to save your tooth. One common sign you need a root canal is if you have severe pain when you apply pressure to your tooth like when you chew. You might notice you have some sensitivity to hot or cold that remains even after you remove the item. Sometimes, you have a pimple that won’t go away or one that keeps returning on your gum line. You might see that your tooth darkening. You might also notice you have swelling near the tooth.

What Happens During a Root Canal

As mentioned above, root canals are one of the main treatments of endodontics. You may need to make two visits to Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS to complete your root canal. Often, you receive an x-ray at your first appointment to assess the severity of the issue.

During a root canal, our dentist removes the inside of your tooth through a hole in the crown of your tooth. Then, our practitioner thoroughly cleanses and disinfects the inside of your tooth to remove all of the infection. You might receive medication in the tooth or canal to treat the infection. You may also need oral medication, depending on the severity of the infection. Our dentist may leave the tooth open until your next appointment, so it can drain. It’s possible you could need a temporary crown.

Once your tooth is cleaned and drained, our Hemet dentist fills the inside of the tooth and root canals with a sealer and rubber-like filler. You’ll also receive a dental filling to protect the root canal from saliva.

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