Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Hemet, CA

Tooth extraction are standard dental procedures in general dentistry in Hemet, CA, that involve the complete removal of a tooth from the jawbone. As far as dental treatments go, tooth extractions are a last resort option. At Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS, we only extract your tooth if there’s no chance of saving it, or if prevailing circumstances necessitate extraction.

There are several situations when we’d recommend getting an extraction, and these include:

  • Your tooth is severely decayed, and cannot be saved using root canal treatment or filling
  • You have a crowded mouth
  • You’re undergoing an organ transplant or chemotherapy, and a particular tooth presents a significant risk of infection
  • You have advanced periodontitis that has caused loosening of your teeth
  • Your primary teeth haven’t fallen out by the time the permanent teeth start to come in
  • You require wisdom teeth removal near you

Steps of a Tooth Extraction in Hemet, CA

It’s normal to feel anxious before your tooth extraction appointment—many people experience anxiety in regards to dental visits. At Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS, we always ensure that our patients understand what’s going to happen beforehand as this usually puts them at ease.

Step 1: Our dentist will assess your affected tooth and determine whether you meet the criteria for extraction

Step 2: The dentist will administer local or general anesthesia, or IV sedation, depending on your preference. Local anesthesia involves numbing only part of your mouth, while IV sedation combines local anesthesia and a sedative to calm your nerves if you have a lot of anxiety. General anesthesia puts you to sleep, and you will not be awake for the entire procedure.

Step 3: Using a pair of forceps, the dentist will grab the tooth in question, and rock it several times until it comes loose. In the case of an impacted or troublesome tooth, the dentist may need to cut through your gums or jawbone to extract the tooth.

Step 4: Our dentist will place a gauze pad on the area where they pulled out the tooth to stop bleeding, as well as prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

Essential Things to Remember When Getting an Extraction

If you’re getting your tooth extracted at Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS, be sure to share your medical history with our Hemet dentist beforehand as this allows the dentist to make informed decisions. After the tooth extraction in Hemet, remember to follow the after-care instructions issued to you, including taking painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed. Schedule a consultation with our dentist near you. We welcome patients in our surrounding area like East Hemet, San Jacinto, Egan, Ramona Bowl, and Lake Crest Estates.

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