Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography in Hemet, CA

Does the idea of getting x-rays to frighten you? For many patients, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Many people are skeptical toward x-rays and with good reason—extensive exposure to radiation has been shown to affect the human body adversely. A person may experience bleeding, vomiting, and skin burns if exposed to a lot of radiation. If you’re getting an x-ray at your local dentist’s office, you’re unlikely to suffer from these symptoms as the radiation amounts are on the low side. Still, this doesn’t give much assurance to many patients. Thankfully, the technological revolution of the 21st Century has made digital radiography in Hemet possible, much to the relief of patients and dentists alike.

If you’re usually terrified of conventional x-rays, digital radiography is what you need in your life. As the name suggests, digital radiography foregoes the traditional components of radiography in favor of digital tools. In simpler terms, instead of being sent to a lab to have your x-rays taken, the dentist will peek into your mouth using a digital sensor that connects to a monitor. As the digital sensor moves through your mouth, the monitor will project images of your teeth, gums, tongue, and other required areas of your mouth.

At Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS, we practice digital radiography because it’s efficient for both our dentists and patients.

Benefits of Digital Radiography at Glenn C. DelaRoca DDS

Digital radiography takes the prize as far as time and resource-efficiency are concerned. There’s no associated waiting time as our dentists obtain required images immediately. Our patients don’t need to shuffle from one room to another to get their x-rays, as is characteristic of traditional radiography.

Digital radiography also foregoes the space and chemicals required to develop the film. We don’t need to hide away in a dark room to get an in-depth look at your dental challenges. There’s also no need for storage space as any images obtained can be stored electronically. These aspects of digital radiography make it environmentally friendly.

At Glenn C. DelaRoca, we utilize digital radiography for all patients, whether you’re coming in for general dentistry in Hemet, CA, or emergency dental services. If you’re in Hemet, CA, and have been putting off your annual check because you’re afraid of x-rays, now you have no more excuses. Give us a call today and let’s schedule a painless and non-frightening session with our Hemet dentist. We also cater to patients who reside in East Hemet, San Jacinto, Egan, Ramona Bowl, and Lake Crest Estates.

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