5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Baby Teeth

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Baby Teeth

Aug 20, 2020

Dentists are dedicated to provide you the best available treatment and ensure that you keep smiling. Most of the dental ailments can be checked by maintaining good oral health. Teeth are as important as any other organ. Be it aiding in chewing or enabling you to smile freely, your teeth play a vital role.

The children start to develop milk teeth from the age of six months. Although the temporary teeth give away to a permanent set of teeth, you need to take the utmost care of your children’s milk teeth. Failing to take care of your child’s teeth might lead to gum infections and cavities.

Why Pediatric Dentist?

When it comes to oral care, the pediatric dentist can be your child’s best friend from infancy to adolescence. The primary job of your dentist is to guide you in maintaining good oral health. Apart from diagnosing the dental ailment, the dentist can also guide you with oral hygiene techniques and brushing techniques.

Pediatric dentists are trained to understand child psychology and the thought process of the children. A pediatric dentist undergoes dental training for two extra years as compared to other dentists. These years of extra training help a kid’s dentist develop the skill of understanding child psychology. Often the children are scared to visit the dentist. This might be due to some painful experience of the past.

Moreover, the children are not complacent to relate the agony. The skill of a pediatric dentist is acquired in the two extra years of residency training in the dental school. Infant oral health, preventive dental care of the children, counseling of dental habits, diagnosis of oral health conditions, and care of dental injuries are some of the dental care provided by a pediatric.

The pediatric dentist’s dental clinic needs to be colorful and brightly-lit to remove the fear among children. Stickers of a cartoon character can keep them engaged while the kid’s dentist near you can perform his trade.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Baby Teeth?

Teeth need special care. Parents need to ensure that your child gets dental care. Some things should be known to parents about their child’s dental care.

#1: Exposure to Sugary Food

Children love candies and floss. Your child might also go to sleep with a bottle in their mouth. These small actions can pave the way for tooth decay. The sugary food and beverages can aid in the deposition of plaque and cause dental cavities.

#2: Proper Way of Brushing

As soon as the milk teeth begin to appear, you should start teaching your kid the brushing technique. Dentist near you can also develop the brushing technique. You can use a mild toothpaste and toothbrush with a soft bristle for the delicate mouth’s utmost care.

#3: Floss for Your Child

Modern pediatric dentists suggest flossing for your child too. Once your child’s teeth begin to touch each other, flossing can be done to remove plaque and food items stuck between teeth.

#4: A Balanced Diet

With regular use, the teeth tend to lose their nutrients. It is only through your food that the depreciation can be replenished. A balanced diet rich in green and leafy vegetables can replenish the micronutrients in your teeth. The crunchy fruits can remove the plaque deposited on your kid’s teeth.

#5: Conversation and Pediatric Dentist

It is essential to make your child understand the need for healthy teeth. Parents are the best person to discuss and let them understand the functioning of teeth. With time, your child would be able to understand the basic techniques of cleaning the oral cavity.

The most important aspect of a clean and healthy mouth is a regular visit to the dentist. The pediatric dentist is trained to deal with the child’s dental issues from the growth of milk teeth to their adolescence. It is better to visit the dentist once in every quarter of the year.

The Pediatrics’ Clinic

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