Top 10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Pediatric Dentist

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Pediatric Dentist

Jul 21, 2020

Pediatric Dentists dedicate their profession to looking after the oral health for kids. Like many other professionals in dentistry and other fields as well, they have specialized education and expertise in handling children through various childhood stages.

The pediatric dentist in Hemet CA advises that as soon as your child develops their first set of teeth, at six months, that is the right time to call in a kid’s dentist near you. Don’t wait until the age of 7 years when they start losing their teeth to have a personal children’s dentist.

It all narrows down to the vulnerability of young milk teeth to dental decay and other lifelong complications. It’s because their enamels are not fully mature. It is speculated that today, an infectious disease – dental caries – is seven times more prevalent in children than hay fever and five times more than asthma.

What Qualifications Do They Have?

A pediatric dentist at Glen C. DelaRoca DDS must have achieved the inclusive qualifications all pediatric dentists need have. These include:

  • Four-year course in a dental medicine school
  • Residency training for two years. Here they are trained for dentistry to handle children, infants, teenagers, and kids having special needs.

Why Do Your Children Need a Pediatric Dentist in Hemet, CA?

For the reasons outlined below, call in a pediatric dentist near you as soon as your child develops their first set teeth, and thereafter through their teenage years.

1. Child-Friendly Equipment – Normal dental equipment can be used for children’s oral treatment. Our pediatric office, however, uses smaller equipment that suits a child’s mouth. It ensures maximum comfort for your child through the appointments while they receive treatment.

2. Additional Training – To qualify a pediatric dentist title, you need to have undergone a further two years training on specialized children care. They learn how to handle children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and early adolescents for optimal dedicated children care.

3. Child-responsive offices – Most dental offices have this high-end look that might not be so pleasant to children. Our pediatric clinic has a family-friendly design that’s simple and attractive to children. For instance, the waiting area has a television, toys, and games to keep the children occupied while they wait.

The interior décor is even more attractive and colorful, with the goal being to distract the children, so they don’t have any forms of nervousness or anxiety. They also look forward to future appointments!

4. Parental Tips – Pediatrics offer parental advice to parents regarding certain behaviors that might risk their children’s oral health. Parents are advised against habits such as thumb-sucking and dependency on pacifiers so they can keep their teeth healthier. Dietary and nutrition recommendations are also made here in our pediatric clinic. A good diet is key in the long-lasting development of healthy permanent teeth.

5. Child-oriented Treatments – Other than restorative treatment care, pediatrics also offers preventative care for children’s teeth. They provide extra services such as fluoride treatment having kid-friendly flavors, children dental x-rays, custom mouth guards, sedation options for playful and nervous kids, and protective dental sealants against cavities.

6. Educational Treatments – It’s in their line of work for pediatric dentists to involve children in the treatment procedures. Our pediatrics show your child each instrument they are using and explain to them what it does. This way, appointments are extra educational and more entertaining.

7. Kids with special needs – Among the top reasons you should opt for a pediatric dentist is if your child has special needs. They are trained to handle and treat these children with maximum care so they can feel as comfortable as possible. General dentists don’t have a specialty in this area.

8. Superior Child Understanding – Since they take additional study years for their profession, pediatric dentists understand better the features of young and developing teeth. This way, they can offer specialized treatment for underdeveloped teeth.

9. Another reason to have a pediatric dentist for your children is that they are good at understanding kids with dental anxieties and easily calm them.

10. Other than offering advisory services to parents, they also tip your little ones as they treat them. They love working with kids, and kids love them, so no matter how stubborn, children always take in the guidance given and put it into practice at home.

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